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The 2013 EPT Award for Individuals in Developing Countries Working for Open Access

120x240Below is the press release announcing the 3rd Annual Award for individuals in the developing world who have made a significant contribution to Open Access. The application form for nominations follows the announcement. The EPT hopes to receive a similarly large number of representations as were received for the award in its first two years.


Open Access Week arrives again this October, and is a time to celebrate all that has been achieved in the previous twelve months. The Electronic Publishing Trust is a long-standing advocate of OA and the difference it can make. As our contribution to this year’s OA Week, we are offering our third annual international award to recognise the impact that individuals can make. The huge interest in and success of the first two awards makes it clear that such international recognition acknowledges the very real efforts being made by many individuals throughout the world, and accelerates the development of models for achieving the open and free transfer of essential information for the progress of research.

ANNOUNCEMENT : The Electronic Publishing Trust* is pleased to announce that it is offering its third annual award for individuals in developing and transition countries** who have made significant advances to the cause of open access and the free exchange of research findings. Information on previous winners can be found on our website at http://epublishingtrust.net/

Nominations are sought for the award. Individuals may be nominated by themselves or others or by organisations, sending a statement using the attached form to the chair of the EPT Board, (d.law@strath.ac.uk)outlining the achievements of the individual.

Nominations should be received by 30th November 2013. Selection of a winner will be made by a panel of EPT Board Members which will be chaired by Dr Patrick Corran, and will include Leslie Chan, Subbiah Arunachalam, Barbara Kirsop, co-founder of the charity, and Judy Ugonna.

The result will be announced in January 2014 and it is intended that a presentation will be made at a location convenient to the winner. The award recipient will be publicly recognised through the presentation of a certificate and an engraved award. It is also hoped to have a “side” eventat future OA meetings to celebrate the work of the winner.

EPT Award submission form for nominations. The EPT Award is for individuals who have made an impact on the progress of open access to research findings.2. Nominations may be made by individuals or organisations.3. Please supply the following information:Name of nominee:Affiliation of nominee:Position or role of nominee:Contact address and email of nominee:Contact address and email of proposer:

Please provide a brief statement to describe the ACTIVITIES of the nominee in support of Open Access (no more than 250 words):

Please describe the RESULTS  AND SIGNIFICANCE of these activities (no more than 500 words): Please send your proposal by 30/11/2013 to: EPT Chair, Derek Law, atd.law@strath.ac.uk

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