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Preprint service for agricultural research relaunched as agriRxiv

The AgriXiv previously on hosted with the Centre for Open Science using its Open Science Framework is now relaunched as agriRxiv – (pronounced agri-archive).

The new and enhanced platform, is now hosted and managed by CABI a not-for-profit intergovernmental organization focusing primarily on the agricultural knowledge creation, creation and dissemination on behalf of the Open Access India/AgriXiv community. With the new host, besides getting the benefit and support on technical and content management, the agriRxiv now gets greater global reach and most importantly the sustainable home, CABI.

The new website is designed with simplicity which helps the researchers and students to submit as well as accessing the preprints across agriculture and allied sciences. Preprints are the first drafts of research articles that authors share with the peer and now with the wider community for feedback before submitting their final version to a journal of their choice. Sharing preprints is not uncommon and through preprints archive search on the COS/OSF, once can search 2,273,858 deposits as of June 03, 2020.

We’re excited to help agriRxiv take its next big step in providing the global agricultural research community with a high quality and sustainable preprint service” says, Dr Andrew Robinson, Managing Director, Publishing, CABI.

He adds, “it’s part of our commitment to ‘open science’ in agriculture and complements our work with governments and research funders to develop open and FAIR data-sharing policies and practices. We also have a pilot Research Collaboration Portal, in development at the moment to help scientist’s network, collaborate and share, in real-time, their data and results about managing the devastating crop pest, Fall Armyworm”.

All of the deposited preprints are made available under a suitable creative commons license by the authors while retaining the copyright. When most funders, publishers and journals now see preprints as a complement to the existing channels for sharing research, the agricultural researchers, especially from the global south can ensure that their research gets wider reach research and can get their work recognized globally.

It is envisaged that the leading academic societies, research institutions and funders, and the editors of agricultural journals will align their policies and promote sharing of preprints. The leading three science academies viz., Indian National Science Academy, Indian Academy of Sciences, The National Academy of Sciences, India recommends sharing of preprints in through ‘Suggestions for a National Framework for Publication of and Access to Literature in Science and Technology in India’. The Open Access India community is also managing the IndiaRxiv for the Indian researchers.

To get involved on the advisory board, or as an affiliate – to help in screening some submissions – please get in touch with agriRxiv/CABI. For more information on agriRxiv, visit www.agrirxiv.org and or follow @agriRxiv on social media.

Edited from the original source: https://www.cabi.org/news-article/cabi-launches-new-agrirxiv-the-dedicated-agricultural-preprint-service-for-agricultural-research/

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