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Open Access in Happening!!!!

JAHThe Journal of Applied Horticulture (JAH) an official publication of the Society for the Advancement of Horticulture based at Lucknow in India had made open some of its articles in Open Access on its website.

The JAH had started its publication in 1999 and is making available some of the articles in Open Access from 2000 onwards. This move is a welcome sign in the Open Access movement in the India’s National Agricultural Research System (NARS). We can hope to see lot happening in the area of Open Access in NARS. The credit for this happening should go to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) which recently had adopted a most progressive¬†Open Access policy.

The ICAR had also started an online portal for hosting Open Access Journal using Open Journal Systems for the NARS and is hosting about 19 publications.

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