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Happy Open Access New Year 2013

Budapest_Open_Access_InitiativeToday is the last date of the year 2012 which is the completion year of BOAI’s decade. Ten years back on 14th February 2002, Budapest Open Access Initiative was released. Today it has 5719 individual and 651 organisations endorsement. The ten recommendations of BOAI says that open access communities wherever possible should look for ways to coordinate activities and communications in order to make better use of their resources, should reach out to academic colleagues and campaign for open access to research articles and articulate more clearly, with more evidence that open access for publicly-funded research benefits taxpayers and increases the return on investment in research.

Now, we the Open Access India community members are  stepping into the year 2013 and let us all take a resolution that in the new year 2013, we would make our research openly available, convince others to make their research public either through open access journals or open access institutional repositories. Many of us are members of one or the other scholarly societies which are publishing scholarly journals. Lets join our efforts to make use of the Free and Open Source Software which are available for launching open access journals or establishing open access repositories. As it is said, its the will and consent of the author is required for the Open Access, so lets make this year 2013 as Open Access Year 2013.

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