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Dr Melissa Terras on Open Access Continuum with Social Media

Melissa Terras

Dr Melissa Terras: open access and the Twitter effect.

In the Open Access success stories column on ‘oastories.org‘, I found story of Dr. Melissa Terras. Few weeks back only I heard her  podcast “Is blogging and tweeting about research papers worth it?” on University of Oxford’s Social Media Talks. I am very impressed by her talk and got all the answer to the questions which my colleagues and mentors have on the topics social networking, research and Open Access.

In the story, it is mentioned that the downloads of her paper on digital curiosities were doubled twice since the time she deposited and when she blogged and tweeted. Much of the researchers work is buried somewhere. If it is pushed into web via social networks it would reach to many and it would get due credit and also would have impact.

In the story, Dr. Melissa Terras says: ‘You can spend years producing a research paper, why would you not spend the time it takes to deposit it in Open Access repository, and the seconds it takes to share that copy online with as many people as you possibly can

You may click here to visit Dr. Melissa Terras’ blog and here to follow her on twitter.

Source: http://www.oastories.org/2012/10/dr-melissa-terras-open-access-and-the-twitter-effect/

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