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About MyOpenArchive – An Individual’s Repository


Most of you might be wondering how you can share your scholarly works. For you here is the answer. It is MyOpenArchive, an individual Open Access Repository a.k.a iR.

The scholars can now share their scholarly materials like journal article, thesis, bulletins, books, book chapter and all the grey literature which is difficult to trace via conventional channels but is very important.

On MyOpenArchive,  using either twitter or facebook login one can easily upload his/her material. Once submitted, the materials are disseminated in the world-wide-web using other social and scholarly networks! The popular reference manager and academic social network Mendeley has now web importer for MyOpenArchive.

The MyOpenArchive was founded in September 2007 by Keita Bando, as an international not for profit organization for advocating Open Access and promoting self-archiving (Green OA) platform to enable better knowledge sharing in a way to make world better for everyone. As one of the goals of MyOpenArchive is also to advocate Open Access, the Open Access India had become partner with it and advocating about same. Now the members of the Open Access India community who have no access to institutional repositories can use this individual repository platform for sharing the scholarly outputs to the to the world socially. The MyOpenArchive now has become very popular on social networking that in Nature Jobs blog post on A to Z of social media for academics at the letter ‘M‘, MyOpenArchive is listed!!

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