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Preprints as part of research assessment in India: An online workshop

Despite being an important open science tool that facilitates wide and free dissemination of research, preprints are seldom considered as part of India’s research assessment frameworks. In collaboration with Open Access India and IndiaBioscience, ASAPbio is hosting a workshop for Indian researchers to discuss challenges associated with current assessment frameworks and how preprints can be integrated with research assessment in India.  In order to support greater recognition of preprints in India, we invite Indian researchers to attend our workshop on June 7 to learn more about preprints and provide input on our next steps.

The workshop is free, but registration is required: asapbio.org/research-assessment-and-preprints-in-india

The webinar will aim to:

  • Analyze current assessment frameworks in India and their challenges
  • Analyze how preprints can be used to enhance research assessment frameworks
  • Identify any implementation challenges, as well as opportunities, and develop solutions

In the workshop, Satyajit Mayor from NCBS will introduce the process of assessment for research in India. Iratxe Puebla from ASAPbio will discuss ways preprints are being used in different settings to assess research.

In the discussion that follows these presentations, attendees will discuss the challenges posed by current assessment frameworks for researchers and early career researchers, as well as the opportunities offered by preprints as part of research assessment, and the steps that Indian researchers can take to drive change in assessment framework policies at their institutions and organizations. Participants will break up into groups to discuss the topic in a highly interactive manner.

Please register for the workshop here and also contribute preprint manuscripts to IndiaRxiv, preprints reposiotry server for India .

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