Open Science and Scholarship

What is Science ?

Science is nothing but a way to perceive world. Whenever you here the word science, what comes to your mind? Gravity ? Newton? Chemicals? Lab coats? While these represent various aspects of science, none of these truly embodies ‘science’ as a whole, because as a field it is so multi-faceted. There is a lot more to explore when you profoundly enter into this domain.

Basically, science can be divided into two parts:

  1. Things which are already discovered (folded science)
  2. Things and techniques which are yet to be discovered or invent(the hypothetical science ) i.e. the process of acquiring new knowledge.

What you study and the artifacts you use in your day-to-day life, all come under the former, while the tools being contrivance cover up the latter. The great inventions given by scientists like Sir Issac Newton has revolutionized the world wholly. So, in order to search for Newton of the modern era, government of India has evolved up with various scholarship. These scholarship help the country to search for great minds which are generally left unheard by the society. Why is it important to search for such students??? The answer to this is, for betterment of world. By providing good facilities, to great minds can help in overcoming the challenges world is facing. These people are the requirement of the nation.