Welcome to Open Access India!

For creating awareness among the graduate students, early career researchers, professors, research managers and the policy makers on opening up of the access to the publicly funded research in India, ‘Open Access India,‘ a community of practice advocating Open Access, Open data, Open education in India has been formed initially as a Facebook group on 8th July 2011.

Now the Open Access India has become a movement for Openness in India with the following aims and objectives.

  • Advocacy – sensitizing the researchers, policy makers and general public about Open Access, Open Data and Open Education.
  • Development of community e-infrastructure, capacity building and framework for policies regarding Open Access, Open Data and Open Education.

We believe that Open Access, which means making available freely with unrestricted use (as defined by the PLoS) would increase the availability and accessibility public funded research outputs on world wide web, and the Open Data, the government data or the public funded research data when freely available to the public to use and reuse without any legal or technical barriers would help in more meaningful analysis and development of new knowledge and tools for the public good. And the Open Education resources which are free and open when made available for the use and re-use of educational purposes would help for affordability of education.

Anyone who have interests in open access, open data and open education are invited to join the community and take forward the open access movement in India by participating in the discussions/initiatives which would influence the policy makers, managers, researchers, scholarly societies to adopt Open Access policy for their research outputs.